((This post also marks 200 answers on Ask Velvet!))

((This post also marks 200 answers on Ask Velvet!))

((Feeling the summer? Velvet sure does, with a new header and background!))

Thank you!

((Mod here again.

As we’re entering a new month, I want to extend a personal thank you to each and every person who ordered a commission or donated.

I came about $300 short of my intended goal, but considering I started mid-month, that’s still pretty good. I was able to pay my food and rent without problem, so that’s a great start.

With that said, I ask that you please keep spreading the word and keep ordering commissions or donating. It really helps me.

I’ve calculated that I need to draw about 12 full colour, two character commissions (or something of equal value) a month to keep me covered. That should be doable right?

Remember, all the info you need is on my Mod Blog and you can always pm me there if you have any questions beyond that.

So thank you, and keep them coming!))

Taking the plunge


((Mod here. This might be my most important post ever, so please read.

First off, apologies for the lack of updates, I plan to rectify that soon. Big things have been happening.

I spent the last few weeks moving into my own apartment, and as of July 1st, I am officially a freelance artist. That means I make a living solely off my art.

That means I need to make at least $1200 usd (about 920) a month to cover all my expenses (food, rent, insurance).

This is where I need your help.


Well, you can either

- commission me: You can find all the necessary info here. Spots are always open, and I try to finish commissions as fast as possible. If I have a lot of commissions at the same time, it might take a little longer, but I’ll let you know in that case.

 - donate: I’ve added a button on the right side for donations, and any amount is welcome. Top donator of the month gets a coloured sketch of his/her choice.

- buy stuff from my online store: Which is here. Right now there isn’t too much in it yet, but I’ll be sure to add new motives whenever I get an idea (or a suggestion).

So please, help me reach my monthly goal, so i can continue focusing on and sharing my art with you!

Thank you for your attention.))